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Ergonomic Solutions, S-Frame for iPad

Cre8tek has delivered prototypes, DFM support and manufacturing of the S-frame front cover. When Ergonomic Solution contacted Cre8tek they challenged us to deliver 8 prototypes in 3 variants of S-Frame within 12 days.

The S-Frame is used in stores and exhibition areas, to prevent theft of iPads used for information terminals, and to lock the user interface to the APP running on the iPad.


Cre8tek delivered S-frame front covers in true cosmetic appearance. This enabled Ergonomic Solution to promote the S-frame at an important exhibition prior to manufacturing release. In this way, Ergonomic Solutions gained trust and confidence in market before product launch. The final products are made by deep drawing of aluminium. To imitate this in the prototypes, the prototypes were CNC machined. After machining, they were polished, sandblasted, brushed and anodized.

Anodized color samples of S-Frame delivered by Cre8tek.


Cre8tek has provided the necessary tools for manufacturing of the S-frame front cover which includes stamping tools, deepdrawing tools, mounting jigs etc.


Stamping tool for S-frame

Manufacturing and subassembly:

Cre8tek delivers the S-frame front cover pre-assembled with gasket. This saves assembly time in Ergonomic Solutions assembly line in Denmark.

Deliveries related to S-Frame:

  • CNC Prototype with full functionality and true cosmetic apperance.
  • DFM Analysis
  • Tooling for deep drawing and stamping.
  • Manufacturing and assembly with gasket.
  • Sourcing and Supply Chain Management.
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