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– For demonstration and verification

To be able to provide mock-ups and functional prototypes fast and efficiently, Cre8tek has made strategic partnerships with some of the very best prototype manufacturers in Shenzhen area. Our skilled engineering staffs located close to the suppliers is your guarantee for what being shipped always meets your requirement both regarding finish and delivery time.

It can really be critical for the sales effort to have the mockups or prototypes delivered fast and with the perfect finishes. Also for concept verification purposes, the prototypes are very important. Both mockups and functional prototypes can be delivered fast and safe by Cre8tek – in a very wide range of metals and plastic materials with any possible surface finish. Before manufacturing the prototypes, we advice you in choosing the right process and material for the actual purpose.

A prototype is an early functional sample or model built to test and verify a concept or process. A mock-up is a nonfunctional cosmetic sample used to verify the ID and ergonomic properties.

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