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Mechanical Design and Engineering Analysis

– Ensuring functionality and manufacturability

Cre8tek offers detailed design of the mechanical parts including the analysis to make sure the developed concept can be manufactured and meet the product requirements. Cre8tek engineering team has a thorough experience within cross-functional coordination in global development teams.

To secure the best compromise between functionality and manufacturability, we make sure that our engineers from a very early stage are in close dialog with the toolmakers and manufacturers about the design details. Our location close to our suppliers enables a swift and lean mechanical design process. We use the cutting edge engineering tools within tolerance analysis, 3D modeling, structural simulations and mold flow simulations to verify our design.

Tolerance Analysis is an important engineering discipline that takes in to account the presence of variation (tolerance) from part to part. The tolerance analyses tells us what happens to the product if the tolerances of each part works against each other. From this analysis the expected yield of a certain detail can be calculated.

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