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Choose a one-stop EMS Partner

Cre8tek is a Danish / Chinese contract manufacturer of box-build electronic products. We develop, test, manufacture and assemble your products at our factory in China.

BOX-BUILD electronic production partner

Box-build with complete supply chain management.

We take care of the whole process: From idea to delivery, Cre8tek makes your electronic products a reality. We handle everything from development, testing, production, and packaging – Box-Build.

Ready for sale – Fast to scale.

We take part in the whole process

And we are ready to help with everything: from developing the good product idea to the production and delivery of the final product – and everything in between.

Among other things, we offer test, certification, product development and assembly of electronic products including SCM, QC and shipment in retail ready packaging.


Cre8tek takes Simplewire’s groundbreaking digital marking system from idea to production

Cre8tek has helped Simplewire optimize the mechanical design and has been responsible for testing, quality assurance, and the production of the system’s units, while Simplewire has taken care of electronics and software.

IoT - Startups & Scaleups - From Prototype to Production

Let Cre8tek help you further in the process

Have you stalled at the idea, development or production? Either way, we can help you and your business move forward in the process.


11.000 m²

11.000 m²


35 engineers

35 engineers


220 employees

220 employees


Local support

Local support

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