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Cre8tek realizes universal Nilfisk fast charger

Cre8tek is responsible for the development and production of a new product accessory in Nilfisk's portfolio of professional cleaning equipment. It is a fast charger for batteries in cleaning machines that can be purchased from existing battery-powered cleaning machines or used as equipment and sold with new products.

Thus, a long-term cooperation between Nilfisk and Cre8tek has risen to a higher level. This is the first time Cre8tek has had full responsibility for realizing the project from idea phase to delivery.

Earlier, Cre8tek has been a consultant for mechanical design and prototype production on several of Nilfisk’s products. The fast charger is the first Nilfisk project in which Cre8tek has conducted both development and production.

“At Cre8tek, we are proud that a multinational company like Nilfisk has shown us the confidence to develop and produce this new accessory. We see it as a visible proof that Cre8tek’s business model uniquely combines high quality in development and production with competitive costs, “says CEO Poul Dørup Olesen, Cre8tek.

At Nilfisk they are very pleased with the collaboration with Cre8tek.

“Cre8tek has a very good understanding of quality. It’s not just about getting things in a container and shipped to the customer. They deal with the problems upfront and are good at reporting. ” Says senior project manager Peter Loeber, Nilfisk.

The fast charger consists of more than 150 components, and the project has taken almost two years from idea phase to finished product. The biggest challenge for Cre8teks’ engineers was to keep heat development down to a safety-acceptable level and to ensure the fast charging time required in the market by Nilfisk’s users.

In addition, it has been long process to complete the necessary tests and obtain approvals at international level from the recognized Canadian test institute CSA. With international approvals, Nilfisk now has the opportunity to market their fast charger in all its markets in more than 100 countries.

The production of the fast charger takes place in Cre8tek’s development and production center in Shenzhen, in the southeastern corner of China, close to Hong Kong.

Poul Dørup Olesen, co-owner and CEO, Cre8tek Denmark Aps

Rune Lundsted Jensen (Project Manager from Cre8tek) and Peter Løber (Project Manager from Nilfisk) show Nilfisk’s new fast charger.

Nilfisk’s new fast charger ”Fast Charger LI 500W”


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