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An update on the Covid-19 situation from Cre8tek perspective

Cre8teks factory and development department in China is now back to full capacity after close down which were required by Chinese authorities.

An update on the Covid-19 situation from Cre8tek perspective

Recently the Corona virus has expanded to Europe and evolved into a pandemic situation, causing changes to our work situation in our Danish office. Both in China and Europe we of course follow recommendations and requirements by the authorities, and we do what we can to support our customers in the best possible way through the crisis.

Our factory in Shenzhen is back at full capacity.

Cre8tek’s factory in Shenzhen is now up and running full capacity after extra 2½ week unplanned closing down in addition to Chinese New Year holidays. We were closed until 19th February. During the 3 weeks following the 19th February our staff were returning from their hometowns and our component sub-suppliers production capacity were also restored. Now the capacity in both factory and development department has been fully restored.

In Shenzhen the virus situation is under control and we follow the authorities’ recommendations carefully. Meaning facemasks available to all employee, keeping interpersonal distance, frequent use of sterilization cleaning aids etc.

We thank our customers for great understanding and patience during the factory closing period and during the capacity restoring period.

Danish employees work from home-offices.

In Denmark, we are following the authority’s recommendations to work from home office. This means that we have cancelled all travel and physical meeting activities at least until March 30th. We continue to have meeting activities through Skype and Microsoft Teams and we are available on our mobile phones and email as usual. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion on how we can help you with your projects.


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