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Plastic injection moulding and partial assembly of OpenSpace Duo – Ergonomic Solutions

Cre8tek supplies mechanical components and part assembly for Ergonomic Solution Manufacturing’s new, significant electronics venture, OpenSpace Duo. The delivery also includes CNC prototypes used for early marketing and testing, optimised for production (DFM) and tool production as well as low-volume pilot series.

Sourcing, injection moulding, and partial assembly

In addition to injection moulding of plastic components and tool production, Cre8tek has supplied tools and punched metal components to be included in part modules. Cre8tek acquires all relevant screws, springs, and standard components for the modules, making final assembly at Ergonomic Solution as cost effective as possible, without compromising on the configuration and variant flexibility requested by Ergonomic Solution’s customers.

Reliability and life-span testing

Cre8tek has performed a range of life-span and reliability tests. This helps to ensure that the products will function in a professional setting with strong robustness and reliability requirements. For example, scratch resistance testing and Abrasion resistance testing of silk screen printing to ensure visible information after years of wear.

About OpenSpace Duo

OpenSpace Duo is a Mobile Point of Sale (Mpos) system and is intended for retail, restaurants, etc. What makes this product innovative is that it makes it combines the possibility to order and pay via two different platforms. For example, you can use an Ingenico or Verifone terminal to pay on the one side and a Samsung or Apple product to order on the other.

“Our partnership with Cre8tek in Hjørring has been excellent, both in terms of communication and the work itself, and it gives us a good inroad to the benefits that come with manufacturing in China.”

Managing Director Per Bjerring, Ergonomic Solutions.

Cre8teks deliveries in short:

  • CNC prototypes for early marketing and test of integration with electronic hardware.
  • Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
  • 10 set injection molds for plastic injection molding.
  • 3 set stamping tools, painting and mounting jigs.
  • Sub-assembly with metalparts, adhesive foam materials etc.
  • Low-volume production pilot run series for test, approvals and marketing.
  • Product reliability testing.

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