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Three years to break the ice

ICEBREAKER was joined by the Danish-Chinese company, Cre8tek, on the long journey from idea to product

Three years of hard work and a double-digit DKKM investment has led to the launch of ICEBREAKER – a unique product for making ice cubes at home.

Kim Jensen and his team at ICEBREAKER Nordic have created the innovative design and the construction of the product. Cre8tek, however, converted the construction, via a long line of prototypes, to the manufacturing of the final version of ICEBREAKER, performed at the Cre8tek factory in Shenzhen.

Poul Dørup Olesen, CEO of Cre8tek, is proud that Cre8tek has been part of such a demanding yet successful project. He says:

“When Kim Jensen contacted us in 2014, we had to very carefully assess whether we wanted to risk joining a project that promised to be both a challenging and a long-term one. It was, however, our assessment that Kim Jensen did not just have a good idea for a product – lots of people have those – but he also had a keen eye for business and was able to raise the necessary capital. So we decided to join him, and today we are very happy to see the completed ICEBREAKER.”

There have been many challenges along the way. Particularly concerning the selection of the types of plastics that could meet Kim Jensen’s requirements of both being beautiful in appearance and perfect from a technical point of view – and which were also capable of being approved by food authorities internationally.

Until 2014, the man behind ICEBREAKER, Kim Jensen, was a project manager at Novo Nordisk. Yet the dream of creating a product of his own made him resign his steady job to become an entrepreneur.

On the collaboration with Cre8tek, Kim Jensen says:

“Cre8tek has a team of engineers and manufacturing specialists with whom we have worked really well, and who have understood that product development is an iterative process. Together, we have managed to develop the exact knowledge needed in order to manufacture an ICEBREAKER.”

ICEBREAKER has been on the market since November 2017. Kim Jensen expects the product to have a big market breakthrough during the Christmas shopping season.

This year, ICEBREAKER is featured in the Christmas catalogues of the Bahne, Sinnerup and Værsgo chain stores, and TV2 has been documenting Kim Jensen’s life as an entrepreneur over a 12-month period, through the ups and downs, to be aired as the television series “365 days to success” on TV2 in November.

On the export side of things, ICEBREAKER Nordic recently signed an agreement with the Norwegian company Kitch’n, which has both online shops and around 150 brick and mortar shops in Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Kim Jensen and Cre8tek are already discussing the next version of ICEBREAKER, and this is expected to launch in the autumn of 2019.

With the ICEBREAKER you can serve ice cubes at the dining table in new way.

Kim Jensen, inventor and founder of ICEBREAKER Nordic shows the finished ICEBREAKER.

Further information:
Account manager Rune Lundsted Jensen, Cre8tek
Phone: 60 24 46 39

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