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Mechanical Design of Vacuum Cleaner Handle

Cre8tek has done the mechanical design of the remote controlled vacuum cleaner handle for Nilfisk Advance. A collaboration between Cre8tek, Nilfisk’s R&D department in Denmark and their manufacturing sites in Sozhou, China. The result was 3 handles to be used in different variants of the highend consumer series “Elite”.

Mechanical design and product development

Designworks USA provided the Industrial Design concept, Nilfisk’s R&D department developed the electronics, while Cre8tek did the mechanical design and integration between the ID and electronics. DFM and preparations for manufacturing have been carried out by Cre8tek in close cooperation with Nilfisk’s manufacturing department in Suzhou, China.

Simulations and analysis

As a part of the design verification, Cre8tek performed light simulations on light guides, tolerance chain analysis on critical stack-ups. An example of this is the keyboard stack-up, where reliable functions and good tactility was ensured.

Functional prototypes and validation

For test and design evaluation, Cre8tek delivered functional and TRUE appearance prototypes of all mechanical component, including plastic components, 2K components, NCVM (metalized) components, sheet metal components for battery connectors. Furthermore Cre8tek carried out the validation plan on component- and assembly level and was responsible for various environmental- and IP testing.

During the early development phase of the mechanical design, Cre8tek’s engineers have provided valuable DFM-inputs on component level. This resulted in a higher degree of maturity earlier in the project than typically expected in the first prototypes.

Cre8tek deliveries in the Nilfisk Elite project includes:

  • Concept and ID integration
  • Mechanical Design
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • Light guide design og simulations
  • Keypad design
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Environmental- and IP-tests
  • DFM and preparations for Manufacturing
  • Technical documentation, 2D/3D drawing
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