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Cre8tek takes Simplewire’s groundbreaking digital marking system from idea to production

Cre8tek handles the production of Simplewire's innovative system for the electrical installation industry.

About Simplewire

Simplewire is a startup-company who has developed an innovative system for digital marking of electrical installations, which can replace analog labels and stickers. The purpose is to reduce the risk of human errors and make it easier to identify and repair electrical systems.

The collaboration

Cre8tek has helped Simplewire optimize the mechanical design and has been responsible for testing, quality assurance, and the production of the system’s units, while Simplewire has taken care of electronics and software.

“I think we have received an exceptional service, which I believe is related to their belief in us as a startup. It has surprised me that we, as a small startup, have received such personalized service from a company with 200+ employees. Cre8tek has been good at pushing us forward.”

| Sasha Beck, CEO, Simplewire

The benefits of a Danish/Chinese structure

Cre8tek’s Danish/Chinese ownership and presence have created a business model with fewer cultural barriers. Customers can more easily communicate directly with production in China.

“Due to Pei (CEO, Cre8tek China) having lived in Denmark and being very open, the collaboration has been much easier. And being able to talk directly with Pei has made the decision-making processes very efficient, not only because of Pei’s experience, but also because he is physically at the factory and is part of the entire development process.”

“It’s a collaboration and a relationship that I don’t think we could find in many other companies. And yes, it’s incredibly efficient. We don’t need to double-check everything when we hand something over to Cre8tek, so sometimes we can just look at the result.”

| Sasha Beck, CEO, Simplewire

A picture from Cre8tek’s factory in Shenzhen. China, where Sasha Beck was visiting to follow the production with his own eyes. From left to right, we can see the CEO of Simplewire, Sasha Beck, followed by the CEO of Cre8tek China, Yilin Pei.

One-stop box-build production partner

Simplewire is looking forward to putting development on hold and pressing the big “production button” with their trusted one-stop production partner:

“We are looking forward to just being able to order units home when we need them. We are 100% confident that Pei and the team know what needs to be done – without us having to be particularly involved. Cre8tek will increasingly become our one-stop box-build production partner.”

| Sasha Beck, CEO, Simplewire

A brief overview of Cre8tek´s contributions

  • Early concepting involvement: Component selection, concept development, integration assistance, etc.
  • Component selection and verification: Availability and price checks.
  • Prototyping and design validation
  • Detailed mechanical design and electronics integration.
  • DFM, tooling, qualification, and certification.
  • Supply chain setup and maintenance.
  • Production process and testing equipment development.
  • Mass production and quality assurance.
  • Flexible and personalized customer handling.
  • One-stop box-build production partner.


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