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Lamp Success Expands in Scandinavia

The Danish-Chinese company, Cre8tek is the manufacturer of choice when it comes to high-end lamps

With its Danish-Chinese set-up, Cre8tek has become a leading supplier to the Danish lighting industry. Now Cre8tek is en route to achieving a similar status in the rest of Scandinavia.

In the Scandinavian market, an agreement with the Finnish company, Innojok marks a breakthrough for Cre8tek. The Finnish company’s products include the high-end brand Innolux: Finland’s equivalent of Denmark’s Louis Poulsen.

Cre8tek has its sights set on the Scandinavian market, where the approach to innovative design, function and reliability is similar to that of the Danish market.

“Cre8tek aims to be the manufacturer of choice for high-end lamp brands in Scandinavia. Having tested our business model in the Danish market, we have now adapted our organisation and sales strategy with a view to penetrating the rest of Europe,” says Poul Dørup Olesen, CEO of Cre8tek Denmark.

Cre8tek’s competence in the fields of lighting development and manufacture stems from the professional background of its founders: Poul Dørup Olesen (DK) and Yilin Pei (CN). Both were formerly mechanical engineers at the electronics group, Motorola. So Cre8tek was more than prepared ten years ago, when the lighting industry embarked on a digital development phase involving increased use of LED and IoT technologies.

“When it comes to reliability and product lifespan, LED lamps and bulbs should be regarded as electronics products. Given our background in the electronics industry, we understood from the outset that the requirements for the design, testing and production of LED lamps are quite different from traditional lamps with incandescent or halogen bulbs. This has been a major factor when it comes to our success in the lighting industry. What’s more, we are good at creating the surface and build quality that our customers demand,” adds Poul Dørup Olesen.

The Danish-Chinese company’s fundamental concept is quite simple. A lamp company develops bright ideas for shape and desired function. Cre8tek’s employees in Hjørring and Shenzhen then take over the work of transforming those ideas into products and then manufacturing them. Client companies can then devote their energies to marketing and sales.

On the basis of this concept, Cre8tek has developed lighting products for a number of leading companies in the Danish lighting and interior industry, including Woud.

Of their collaboration with Cre8tek, Mia Koed, Creative Director and Co-owner of Woud, says:

“When it comes to our collaboration, Cre8tek are very professional, and I’m always totally confident that they’ve explored every possible solution when we’re up against any challenges in a project. They don’t just sweet talk us. They challenge us with lots of excellent, relevant questions. So I’m really looking forward to expanding Woud’s collaboration with Cre8tek.

The Cre8tek staff are just so nice. That’s an absolute must as far as I’m concerned. There’s a great vibe and excellent chemistry. This leads to positive cooperation. Never for a single minute do I doubt that they’ll do what they say.”

Annular – lamp series produced for Woud by Cre8tek

Poul Dørup Olesen, director of Cre8tek Denmark


If you would like to learn more, do not hesitate to call Poul Dørup Olesen, founder and co-owner of Cre8tek, on +45 22109793 or email him at

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