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Development and manufacturing of fast charger for Nilfisk.

Nilfisk’s fast charger, “Fast Charger LI 500w,” has been developed and manufactured by Cre8tek as turnkey supplier from idea to manufacturing and delivery.

Cre8tek has developed and delivers fast chargers to Nilfisk’s professional cleaning equipment. ID sketches and fundamental concepts has been provided by industrial designer, Jens Jørgen Fuglsang, while electronic development and thermal design concept has been developed in cooperation with a Danish electronics consultancy company, who also coordinated international type approvals with the international test and approval Institute CSA. The result is a high quality fast charger for charging batteries in Nilfisk’s professional cleaning equipment.

From ID sketches to 3D model

Concept sketches from ID designer Jens Jørgen Fuglsang have formed the basis for the design of the product. The early conceptual sketches have defined the shape and expression, as well as mechanical function, and have insured that the finished product expression is in line with Nilfisk’s overall visual identity.

ID design sketches by Jens Jørgen Fuglsang has defined the direction for the visual appearance.

Integration between mechanics and electronics

Cre8tek has been responsible for the integration of electronics into the mechanical design. Electronics, thermal design and software have been developed in cooperation with a Danish electronics consultancy company, who was also been responsible for testing and international authority approvals through CSA.

Integration of electronics and function in the mechanical design based on ID principle sketches prepared by Jens Jørgen Fuglsang.

Functional prototypes for testing and marketing

During the development phase, functional prototypes for tests have been delivered by Cre8tek to Nilfisk and testing institutes for early validation of thermal design, function, safety and regulatory requirements. Prototypes from Cre8tek were also used for early marketing and feedback from the market through field testing.

Function and life cycle test

The professional cleaning segment, has high requirements for function, durability and product life time. Cre8tek has carried out various tests during the project to validate the robustness the design meets these requirements. This includes drop tests on product and packaging, life cycle tests as well as burn-in tests. Various performance tests and thermal tests has been performed to ensures the desired performance is achieved in the final product.

UL-certified manufacturing and Nilfisk supplier approval

For more than seven years Cre8tek has delivered mechanical development and prototype manufacturing on a consultancy basis for Nilfisk. Now Cre8tek has been approved for manufacturing complete accessories devices. As a part of this approval through Nilfisk’s quality assurance program, Cre8tek has been approved to produce UL certified products, by regular audits and inspections from accredited institutes.

Box-build delivery

The product is assembled, tested and packed at Cre8tek’s own assembly lines. Cre8tek controls the complete supply-chain for all components and the majority of the plastic parts are manufactured in Cre8tek’s one molding shop.

“Cre8tek understands quality better than other Chinese suppliers. It’s not just about getting products in a container and shipped to the customer. They are dealing with problems upfront and are good at reporting… With Cre8tek as a turnkey supplier we don’t need to be in China all the time and follow up on production. Cre8tek’s Danish project managers can drop by anytime to deal with urgent issues.”

Peter Løber,
Senior Project Manager,
Nilfisk A/S

Cre8tek deliveries in short:

  • Mechanical Design and specification.
  • DFM (Design for manufacturing)
  • Integration of mechanical design and electrical design
  • Injection molding tooling design and manufacturing
  • CQC (CCC, Chinese approvals) test and verification.
  • CNC prototyping
  • Accelerated life cycle testing.
  • Verification of cooling performance and thermal design.
  • Soldering of leaded components, test and assembly manufacturing.
  • SMT mounting of PCBA delivered by Cre8tek’s EMS partner.
  • PCBA and thermal design by EE partner
  • EE testing and certification by CSA including CB scheme, CE and UL certification.

Facts about Nilfisk Fast charger LI 500W:

  • 500 W Universal battery fast charger for professional cleaning equipment.
  • High cooling performance requirement.
  • Fully charged in 17 minutes (from flat battery)
  • Durable and robost design for professional usage.
  • Approvals for EU, US, AUS/NZ
  • Tested and prepared for world wild sales – CB Scheme
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