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Zliide – Nikolai Brix Lindholm

“Our impression of Cre8tek was good. The pricing at Cre8tek was also good compared to others that we were in contact with. The price in connection with the time it took for them to create a tool ended up being the main arguments for initiating a collaboration.”

“We met Poul and Niels (the Danish owners of Cre8tek), who are what we call “a true example of people from northern Jutland”, by honoring their promises. Afterwards we were introduced to Pei (the CEO and co-owner of Cre8tek in China). Then he, and the team, began to take over bit by bit. It is great that we have direct communication with the manufacturing facility and the engineers in China, instead of a communication where information has to pass through several links. This has made our collaboration more agile and made it possible for us to change things on an ongoing basis and make important decisions. It has been a huge success.”

Nikolai Brix Lindholm

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Simplewire – Sasha Beck

“We have received an exceptional service, which I believe is related to their belief in us as a startup. It has surprised me that we, as a small startup, have received such personalized service from a company with 200+ employees. Cre8tek has been good at pushing us forward.”

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