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Nilfisk Advance – Palle Sørensen

As project manager at Nilfisk Advance A/S, I use Cre8tek for the supply of mechanical prototype items.

The prototypes from Cre8tek are manufactured by CNC machining or vacuum molding from the correct raw materials and is delivered with surface treatment according to our wishes. Before manufacturing, we always get good advices about our possibilities.

In this way we achieve a higher degree of accuracy and efficiency in our evaluation of the design, which helps to shorten development time on our projects.

Palle R. Sørensen
Technical Project Manager
Nilfisk-Advance A/S

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Simplewire – Sasha Beck

“We have received an exceptional service, which I believe is related to their belief in us as a startup. It has surprised me that we, as a small startup, have received such personalized service from a company with 200+ employees. Cre8tek has been good at pushing us forward.”

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