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New Works – Christian S.H. Amstrup

New Works udtalelse
Technical know-how, valuable communication, and great adaptability

“We have collaborated quite a bit with Cre8tek as a manufacturer, especially within lighting. For example, they had the technical knowledge to realize our most technically challenging pendant.”

“Cre8tek is responsible for the technical design. They make all the tools, they make all the shells, they suggest materials and surfaces, after which we challenge them if there are some cosmetic details that need to be changed.”

“When we send drawings back and forth, they manage to make the technology work based on the aesthetic expression we want.”

Upfront honesty and proactive communication.

“Cre8tek proactively points out if there is a problem in the design. We don’t have to figure it out ourselves. Their upfront honesty about the process and product is something we really appreciate.”

“It sounds quite basic, but the great advantage of Cre8tek is the communication. We can always get in touch with Cre8tek, and that gives us a lot of assurance. We trust them and are never afraid that the final result will disappoint us. They are very trustworthy and transparent.”

Personal communication, high quality, and important adaptability.

“Cre8tek is truly competent and adaptable, especially considering their size. Their technical know-how, combined with quality and adaptability, provides us with great value for money. Should we seek comparable services, we would likely have to turn to much larger manufacturers. Yet, with larger manufacturers, there’s often a trade-off involving flexibility and communication, particularly when modifications are needed during the development process. This makes Cre8tek the optimal choice for us, as we receive personal communication, high quality, and essential adaptability.”

“We are incredibly pleased with the collaboration, and I believe it’s mutual, so I see no reason why we shouldn’t continue to work together and grow together.”

Christian Scroll Hvid Amstrup
Product Development Manager

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“We have received an exceptional service, which I believe is related to their belief in us as a startup. It has surprised me that we, as a small startup, have received such personalized service from a company with 200+ employees. Cre8tek has been good at pushing us forward.”

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