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Saphe – Freddy Sørensen

“Cre8tek is excellent in the design phase. Especially when it comes to how we make the traffic alarms function for the consumer and how we make it easier to assemble the traffic alarms in production.”

“You could think of our designers as the architects who design the house, where Cre8tek is the constructor who finishes it based on the drawings.”

“(..) Pei – who is based in China and is co-owner – has worked in northern Jutland (a region in Denmark), which results in him having a great understanding of Danish culture. Then there is Poul (Danish CEO) who is based domestically. It is a major plus.”

Freddy Sørensen
CEO og Founder
Saphe A/S

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Simplewire – Sasha Beck

“We have received an exceptional service, which I believe is related to their belief in us as a startup. It has surprised me that we, as a small startup, have received such personalized service from a company with 200+ employees. Cre8tek has been good at pushing us forward.”

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