Nilfisk Advance - Development of VL500

14 November 2013.

Nilfisk Advance - Development of VL500

Cre8tek assisted Nilfisk Advance in the development of the VL500 series professionel vacuum cleaners. The Mechanical Engineering support for the project included a kick-off period with two of our engineers present locally at Nilfisk Advance in Denmark. After the kick-off period the project execution took place from our Shenzhen office where our engineers was a part of the global development team which included the Nilfisk Advance development team in Denmark as well as the Nilfisk Advance Manufacturing- and Quality team in China.

"During the development of our VL500 product line, I had two of Cre8tek's Chinese mechanical engineers on my team. Cre8tek's work on the project was impeccable. Their engineers were an equally part of the project team with two of our own mechanical engineers, and they had a very solid knowledge about the Western "mindset" in product development..." Henrik Thomsen, Nilfisk-Advance A/S

VL500 front
Nilfisk Advance Marketing picture of VL500 Industrial Cleaner in environment.

VL500-family1 600
The Nilfisk Advance VL500 series. Cre8tek has assisted on the product development.

During the initial mechanical design Cre8tek engineers provided valuable early DFM-input for the part design, which resulted in a higher maturity of the first prototype parts than typically seen.

Cre8tek deliveries related to the VL500 series:

  • Conversion af Industrial Design into Mechanical Concept
  • Mechanical development
  • 3D/2D CAD documentation
  • Tolerance analysis
  • DFM analysis.