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Your link to effective Mechanical engineering and Manufacturing in China.

Cre8tek is the solution for companies that experience problems with geographical, cultural and language barriers when doing business with China. Our Staffs have technical background and large experience in cooperation between China and Europe, this enables Cre8tek to bridge effectively between our European customers and Chinese engineering team.

European Entrypoint to Product Development

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Costumer support offices in Denmark and Germany – let Cre8tek take care of the bridging to Chinese engineering resources.
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Engineering close to manufacturers in China.

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Operations office and production facilities in Shenzhen - the center for consumer electronics manufacturing in China.
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Cultural know-how helps ensuring the quality

Our Chinese engineers ensure the quality through an effective communication with our Chinese production and component suppliers.
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Global Team - Product Development Experience

Benefit from our many years of experience in multi-site product development and realization in global international teams.
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