Cre8tek was founded by the former Motorola colleagues Yilin Pei and Poul Dørup Olesen in February 2011. Cre8tek was founded as a born global company with subsidiaries in Denmark and China. At the very beginning Frank Wang and Robin Ya joined Cre8tek as co-founders and respectively as Design manager and as Production & Quality manager.

Cre8tek is based on the vision of Yilin Pei and Poul Olesen to create the perfect link between western innovation and Chinese resources within product development and product realization.

“Many small and medium size companies in Europe often face problems with utilizing the skilled design and production resources available in China, and therefore it became our mission to enable highly skilled Chinese resources within mechanical engineering, prototyping and manufacturing to small and medium size European companies.”

After serving our customers from Cre8tek in Denmark for a little more than two years, we have established Cre8tek Deutschland GmbH in April 2013. Located in Munich, Cre8tek Deutschland GmbH secures the local presence for our customers in central Europe. 

From the very beginning of Cre8tek the majority of our engineering capacity has been based on our own staff of engineers which have been continuously expanded. All our prototyping and production capacity have been based on qualified sub suppliers.

Insourcing engineering and outsourcing manufacturing is a continued strategy of Cre8tek. But to make sure our engineers continuously develop their skills by hands-on experience and to offer our customers an internal Cre8tek manufacturing set-up , we have established our own smaller scale manufacturing facility in autumn 2013 which includes Tool shop, Injection Molding,  Die casting, Painting and Assembly.